Motorcycling in Malaysia

Malaysia is an exciting place for motorcycle riding and is an attraction for bike enthusiasts worldwide. With excellent roads, beautiful sceneries, friendly Malaysians, and not forgetting her excellent cuisines, you will find riding in Malaysia a lifetime experience.


Years of experience tell us of the following 10 frequently asked questions for the benefit of all.

1. What type of licence do I need?

All foreign licenses are valid to be used in Malaysia within your social visit period. Your license however must be at the appropriate level to ride our motorcycles in accordance with its cubic capacity. International license is not a must but a plus point to have especially if your license is not written in English.

If you’re stopped by the police, have your passport and license ready for inspections. At road blocks, lift up your visor (especially if they’re tinted) to show that you have nothing to hide.

2. How about visa and other entry requirements?

For most countries, social and business visits to Malaysia not exceeding three months are given visas upon entry. Do check the requirements at the nearest Malaysian Embassy or High Commission. A disembarkation form must be filled in and handed to the immigration official upon arrival and your passport must be valid for at least 6 months to enter Malaysia.

3. Where can I store my luggage?

We have panniers and top box for hire to store your luggage during your ride. The hard panniers are able to carry 5kg of luggage while the top box can carry some 3kg. As for your extra baggage, you can leave them at our office where we will store them safely for you...free of charge.

4. What insurance coverage do I need?

The package comes with a standard motorcycle insurance covering damages, fire and theft. Personal accident insurance is optional and provided by agents endorsed by the Ministry of Tourism. A travel insurance from your home country would also be sufficient.

5. How many kms per day do we go on a guided tour?

On average, we ride for some 300-350km daily while stopping at various scenic places along the way for short rests.

6. How about fueling?

Malaysia practices a pay-first pump-later concept. Have some cash ready with you for this and you can also use your credit card for fueling.

Depending on the petrol type and brand, the fuel nozzles come in many colours. Whatever you do, just avoid the black ones...those are diesel!

Vehicle with foreign registration however, are prohibited to fill up with RON95 petrol (typically with yellow nozzles).

7. What sort of bike apparels and gears are best to be used?

Malaysia is a hot and humid country with temperature ranging from 24°C to 34°C. For such weather, we strongly suggest to leave your leathers behind and use more textile based jackets with good airflow. Rainsuit and waterproof boots would be a plus.

We do have such gears/apparels for hire if you wish to travel light.

8. Is bike theft something to worry about?

In most cases, it was due to our own negligence as owners. To park the bikes at dark secluded places with no additional locks is definitely an 'inviting' act. Other examples include leaving the engine running or keys dangling at the ignition while you're rushing to take a leak.

Do park your bikes at secure and well-lit places. We will supply you with security locks as well. Remember...a cat loves fish, but won’t risk its claws.

9. Is drinking allowed in public?

Yes and no. Drinks are served in hotels, pubs, and certain restaurants where you can sit and enjoy your drink after a long ride. But do avoid drinking in the street and which may lead to a public disorder.

Do take note that driving/riding under excessive influence of alcohol is a serious offence in Malaysia (and in other countries) and may lead to immediate imprisonment. Not that you need reminding, but you know your limits.

10. Is language a problem in Malaysia?

Some 70% of Malaysian speaks English fluently (Maths and Science are thought in English at schools!) and even if by some remote chances that they don't (typically in remote villages), they at least understand what you're saying and would try to the best of their lingual ability to help you.

Hope the above helps your planning for a trip to Malaysia. We will still do a detailed briefing before each ride for your complete understanding of motorcycling in Malaysia. Do contact us should you need any further clarification.

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